Newport Civic Centre: Examples of damage to the murals

Area where crack has been cut back and retouched during a previous restoration attempt

Area where crack has been cut back and filled, but only partially retouched

Area where crack has started to rise away from the surface.

Unsympathetic , discoloured 'retouching' from previous restoration attempts has distorted this face

  Because the lower section of the murals are at shoulder height, they are subject to more damage  
In this area, paint that has cracked has completely fallen away, exposing the surface beneath.

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Case Studies

Top row (L-R): 1-2: The Romans at Caerleon; 3: Bridging Mural
Bottom row (L-R) 1+3: The Building of the George St. Bridge; 2:The Coming of Christianity
Photographs ©Christoph Oldenbourg